Completely Misplaced Ideology in Saudi Arabia Results in Ban on Cat Selfies But Allows Abuses of Human Rights

We are informed that a senior cleric in Saudi Arabia, when told that there was a trend in taking pictures with cats amongst Saudi citizens, banned the taking of cat selfies as a way of forcing its citizens to avoid becoming like Westerners. Nothing is worse, it seems, in Saudi Arabia than becoming like a Westerner which I think gives us a clear signal that Saudi Arabia may have been involved in the 9/11 atrocity as alleged by many people and as, we are told, possibly evidenced in documents which may become public.

Saudi Cat Selfie
Saudi Cat Selfie – now banned.
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The senior cleric, Saleh bin Fawzan al-Fawzan, made a proclamation on television in which he stated that taking pictures with cats is prohibited. In fact, he went further than that and stated that taking pictures is prohibited if not for a necessity. Taking photographs with any animal is not taking photographs as a necessity and therefore that activity is banned. Phew..there is not much fun in Saudi Arabia. I would not like to be a photographer in the country. What does “necessity” mean in this context?

The cleric’s declaration was a result of being told that “taking pictures with cats has been spreading among people, who want to be like the Westerners”.

To Westerners the ideology of the Sheikh is bizarre and for the life of me I cannot see anything wrong with taking a selfie of you and your domestic cat companion but anybody can see a wealth of wrong with respect to the appalling human rights abuses that take place all the time in Saudi Arabia and which we are told are whitewashed by a US subsidiary.

Another rather bizarre situation in which an American company is whitewashing human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia. The world is upside down as usual. I wonder if they are involved in covering up any association between 9/11 and Saudi Arabia?

What if someone is caught taking a cat selfie? Are the going to cut is hands off as a punishment?

One last point: Click here to see Saudi cat torture if you want to.

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