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  4. Great article, but not the half of it! Here’s a complete list of the known, documented complications of declawing:

    Hemorrhage (bleeding)
    Laceration of the paw pads
    Reluctance to bear weight on affected limbs
    Neuropraxia (transient motor paralysis)
    Radial nerve damage (due to improper tourniquet placement)
    Tissue necrosis
    Wound dehiscence (re-opening of surgical site)
    Incomplete healing
    Protrusion of 2nd phalanx (middle finger bone)
    Claw regrowth
    Scurs (growth of deformed claw segments)
    Retention of flexor process of last bone (3rd phalanx)
    Chronic draining tracts
    Palmigrade stance (walking on wrists)
    Chronic intermittent lameness
    Chronic pain syndrome
    Flexor tendon contracture
    Cystitis (bladder inflammation triggered by stress)

    BTW we have updated our website; the correct link to all the articles on declawing is:

    • Gobsmacked. Stunned and sad. But many thanks, Dr Hofve, for adding such useful information to this page. Fantastic. It is just too awful to contemplate. That vets can do this for no good reason.

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