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Comprehensive List of Cat Colour and Pattern Types — 9 Comments

    • Yes, tortie and white is calico. A calico with stripes is a torbie and white as I understand it. Thanks for popping by the site and commenting Kit.

  1. Gabriel is superb! You can’t have a single regret about adopting a semi-feral.

    Each time that I take a feral in for TNR, I learn a new description that I never heard of from our vet. I’m only right in my assessment about 60% of the time. I’m overwhelmed by how many descriptions there are.
    For me, the easiest kind of cat to describe is the tabby of any kind because of the dark lines .

    • Thanks Dee. Gabriel is great. There is definitely wild there in him. Very noticeable but we love each other and he loves to come to me for cuddles and warmth and food 😉 . I agree that there are too many coat types – a reflection on cat breeding which I have to say (but don’t tell anyone) I disagree with.

      • Have to love that bit of wild streak. That tells us that they are cats. He’s bonded with you, and that’s all that counts. I have several indoor cats who love me but would never let any other human come near, much less touch. That’s just the way it has to be between cats and humans sometimes.

        We just have to accept that their love is only able to extend to us at the moment. I’m satisfied and grateful for that.

    • Got it! Nice to see you successfully uploaded your photo. It’s good for me as it sort of proves that the problem is about image size. Most modern cameras produce very large images – much larger than is required for internet publishing. This causes problems of transmission and sharing unless you’re Facebook! Mitzy is gorgeous. She looks like a long-haired, silver/grey classic (blotched) tabby to me from the picture.

  2. Wow! Awesome shot of Gabriel!! One of my passions is taking pictures of my cat, Mitzy. Not sure what her color classification is. But she’s a long haired, silver tabby of some kind. Too bad I can’t include a picture. I’ve tried before without success.

    • Thanks for the photo compliment. If your photo is smaller it should upload. I have determined that the photos that don’t upload are very large. You can reduce the photo size online. Just search for something like “online photo size reduction”.

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