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Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs in the UK Starts 6 April 2016 — 7 Comments

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  2. Microchipping isn’t compulsory here yet, but it is pretty widespread in most states that are a little progressive

    Unfortunately, unless a cat is very docile, most animal shelters won’t check for a chip, claiming that the cat is too aggressive to check. Hence, why we TNR people insist on ear tipping. Those cats are protected and had BETTER be checked for their chip, because they have one.

    • Dee, I am surprized to read that most shelters won’t check for a microchip. That seems very strange to me. What’s the point of microchipping? I’d have thought that all shelters would automatically check. I must be missing something.

      • Understand, most kill shelters will not check for microchips if any cat isn’t cooperative, much less a hissing and spitting feral. They are afraid and could be called “p-ssies”.
        As I said above, that is exactly why ferals are eartipped. Those ferals are microchipped and should be checked.
        However, because I don’t trust, I cruise our local shelter routinely with the purpose of checking for eartipped cats that haven’t been checked.

        • I get the point. It seems rather a bad way to operate though because even a placid domestic cat may be very difficult under these conditions.

  3. Thanks for the info Michael. I just hope that the microchip isn’t as big as that picture above makes it look. I’m having a cat microchiped today . He is a 7 month old cat that i rescued from a neighbor.

    • Microchips are not as benign as people believe in my view. On balance they are necessary but they are a foreign body inside the body. Well done on rescuing a cat. I love to hear about that.

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