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Is a computer generated cat purr as good as the real thing? The real thing is more than just a soothing sound. There is also the presence of a cat. I wonder if you need both to get the full benefit of a cat’s purr.

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You can test it out (sort of). There is a website which produces a very nice cat purr. The site’s creator says something which, to be honest, I don’t like. He writes:

…..this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend – without the fleas and cat hair!”

Come on! That’s not nice. Fleas? Experienced cat caretakers don’t let their cats get fleas. And as for hair, no problem. We don’t give a damn about a bit of fur. My guess is that the cat purr generator was created by a person who does not own a cat.

I actually think that the purr website is pretty good. Click on the following link to go to the webpage to hear the purr: Computer generated cat purr – it is nice and sort of soothing. Although I tried it out while my cat was on my lap. And it can be adjusted (is that a good thing?).

You see, I think you need both: the sound and the cat. It is combination of the two that works the magic. It is even more than that. You need:

  • the purr
  • the cat
  • the feeling of your cat’s presence (weight and heat!)

Although it is said that just the sound of a cat’s purr has medicinal benefits. I am not sure I believe it.

One definite advantage of the computer generated purr is that it is always there. It’ll run permanently if you want it too. Cats don’t purr for that long. Some cats purr very quietly.

One last point, you can download an audio file of a cat’s purr very cheaply from other sources on the internet such as this one (although this one is too short):

You can’t alter it as you can on the cat purr website but it that important?

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

4 thoughts on “Computer Generated Cat Purr”

  1. Yes, the base effect is that it indicates a cat is near, which is believed to be the genesis as to why it evolved among other benefits. The point is missed and a bait and switch is grossly obvious. There is the breath, weight, mass, warmth, overall touch, affection, presence of being – all absent! You would only imagine the full benefit by remembrance of experiencing these things from a real cat. And, us feline appreciators can discern individuals to their purrs. To parse out fake noises in deference to the real thing “sounds” good but it’s empty noise. A beautiful sound, even a wonderful song, but we wouldn’t know that without experiencing the cat in the first place. It reminds me that a cat is NOT there. Listening for appreciation is a good thing, but replacement, no.

  2. Very disappointed, the sound wouldn’t play.

    There’s truth in cat purrs having medicinal qualities. They are fantastic for lightening moods. Chirps work wonders also.

    I work at home. My female cat was in the office with me during a call with a nasty customer. After he hung up on me., I made a grumpy comment at the phone. Ms. Pink picked her head up from her nap and chirped at me with a smile. My mood immediately brightened. Cat sounds are awesome.


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