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Computer Generated Cat Purr — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, the base effect is that it indicates a cat is near, which is believed to be the genesis as to why it evolved among other benefits. The point is missed and a bait and switch is grossly obvious. There is the breath, weight, mass, warmth, overall touch, affection, presence of being – all absent! You would only imagine the full benefit by remembrance of experiencing these things from a real cat. And, us feline appreciators can discern individuals to their purrs. To parse out fake noises in deference to the real thing “sounds” good but it’s empty noise. A beautiful sound, even a wonderful song, but we wouldn’t know that without experiencing the cat in the first place. It reminds me that a cat is NOT there. Listening for appreciation is a good thing, but replacement, no.

  2. Very disappointed, the sound wouldn’t play.

    There’s truth in cat purrs having medicinal qualities. They are fantastic for lightening moods. Chirps work wonders also.

    I work at home. My female cat was in the office with me during a call with a nasty customer. After he hung up on me., I made a grumpy comment at the phone. Ms. Pink picked her head up from her nap and chirped at me with a smile. My mood immediately brightened. Cat sounds are awesome.

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