Computer screen stops cat scratching himself but he does not realise it

Why didn't the cat realise that the screen was in the way?
Why didn’t the cat realise that the screen was in the way?
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What does this video say about cat behaviour and how the domestic cat’s mind works? It is interesting in that way. It is a little mystifying to me (and I expect others) as to why this ginger tabby does not realise that the computer screen is in the way of him scratching the side of his face or under his chin. He’s clearly doing a bit of grooming but in a slightly odd place it has to be said.

Do you want me to try and find a reason for this? Well, I hate to say it but it looks as if the cat is a bit stupid. You can’t come to any other sensible conclusion. Perhaps this individual is a bit stupid. Domestic cats do vary in their intelligence. Do you have a better idea?

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