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Conditions and Diseases Linked to Indoor and Outdoor Cats — 3 Comments

  1. Everything on the confined cat list can be managed with a little effort. Unless you are willing to follow your cat on it’s daily excursions outside you can do nothing to lessen those dangers.
    People who claim they have an outside cat that is 15 years old and never had a problem are just lucky and the lucky are few and far between. As time goes on catios will become the norm along with cat safe fencing and I expect those items to start showing up in real estate listings if they haven’t already.
    All 4 of my cats would be dust and bone and I have no guilt whatsoever of taking them into my home and keeping them there. Right now I have a giant cardboard maze set up on their AstroTurf and they’re having a blast. Speaking just in terms of money it doesn’t take a great deal of it to maintain a happy house-cat.

    • Definitely a “no brainer” here. Anyone who thinks that domestic cats should be allowed to roam freely in the outdoors are not living in the real world.😱😶

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