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Confessions: My Cat Is A Thief! — 11 Comments

  1. I think we should create a club, Elisa.
    Demon (oops! I mean Damon) is the thief and hoarder here.
    The only crime he hasn’t committed is grand theft auto.
    He keeps 2, sometimes 3, hoarding piles going at all times.
    I rarely disturb them just because I know where to retrieve some of my stuff now. It does no good to do some searches for items not in one of the piles (unless they’re extremely important). I’ve accepted that there are some things I’ll never see again.
    Besides toys, anything that the hoover or broom misses, anything found in small waste baskets, any hair accessory, pens, socks, and dust balls he reached under the stove and oven to get, wind up in a pile.
    So, knowing all of this about my boy, I have only myself to blame if I leave enticing things out. I will never win a battle over them.
    However, my biggest challenge is picking up enough little bits of bath tissue to make a decent sized clump to use.

    • I’d have had a stroke!No wonder you’d rather have large gifts, and you know what I mean.At least the cat can’t drag them off.

  2. Last fall I went to get a very expensive ring I had taken off and set on the bathroom counter a few days before to put it back on, but it was gone! I looked everywhere and could not find it. I took the plumbing apart for both bathroom sinks (one still leaks after my not so professional job of putting it back together) and it wasn’t there either. I was so upset, I finally had to break the news to my significant other that I had lost the ring he gave me, which was actually a replacement for the prior ring which I had also lost…. Then I realized that 3 of our foster cats had been in that bathroom for a short while over the last few days so I immediately called my vet and asked if eating a ring would hurt one of the cats… Then scheduled X-rays for all 3 later that week after being told to put on gloves and dig through every piece of poop in the litter boxes to see if one of them had passed the ring… Which I did.
    That night my significant other went to do laundry and guess what was in the bottom of the dirty laundry basket? Yes, my ring… Along with about 10 cat toys, a pair of earbuds, my contact lens case, and multiple hair ties.
    The cats are no longer allowed in the bathroom…

  3. I didn’t realise that you are living in a den of thieves! It is quite amusing when cats prey on inanimate objects and bring them back. I also see the slightly more serious side of this. It is a bit of a shame that the domestic cat is reduced to preying on household objects of almost any kind of long as it’s small enough. It does show us though that the domestic cat is very very similar to his wild cat ancestor.

    The picture of where the sofa was is astonishing in the number of objects that were pushed under it. And the picture of Jasper with his bottle cap is very cute but a bit sad.

    • Jasper can meow while carrying his cap. You want to see sad? When Cujo is out we have to be sure the bottle caps are put away because they’re a choking hazard to a small dog. Jasper lays in my lap a lot these days. Jasper doesn’t understand this. He can play with the larger caps. They also play laser chase. Furby looks like a ballet dancer chasing it. We also have 3 of the circle toys they love.

      • Bottle caps are obviously a good cat toy but a potentially dangerous one and they double up as cat prey! The reason why I thought it was a bit sad was because I wish in some ways that he didn’t have to rely on a substitute for the real thing. All domestic cats live in the human world and being someone who likes nature and wildlife I like to see cats behaving entirely naturally. That, of course, is in no way a criticism of you because I know you do a fantastic job looking after your cats.

        • We can’t offer them an outdoor experience but at least we can sleep at night knowing they’re safe and alive to play another day. I’d be a nervous wreck with outdoor cats. It was bad enough worrying about Henry and the coyotes until we brought him inside. Cujo wants only his tennis balls. He plays fetch all day. He does pick a catnip pouch when Holly sends a new batch. We don’t allow him the mice because they’re a dog choking hazard as well. The cats love the mice.

          • I’d be a nervous wreck with outdoor cats

            Yes, I’m the same but if there is an half acre enclosure that guarantees to keep predators out and guarantees to keep your cat in I would let my cat roam outside at will. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to build an enclosure like that or don’t have the motivation to do it. In fact the latter is the biggest obstacle. Even wealthy people or people with plenty of land and facilities don’t consider building a really nice large enclosure to allow their cat to roam outside safely.

  4. The couch moved photo was from a friend. I thought it fit the article well.

    I think the worst thing stolen was when Darla found my false teeth and walked into the living room wearing them. Needless to say I got another upper denture made.

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