Confident, articulate 11-year-old girl promotes adoption of rescue cats in videos

Nadira promoting a rescue cat on YouTube
Nadira promoting a rescue cat on her YouTube channel
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Nadira Dietz is a confident and intelligent young woman. I would describe her as a ‘young woman’ because although she is only 11 years of age she is very articulate, confident and single-minded. She knows what she wants and she’s very good at what she does.

She volunteers at Tails of Hope which is a non-profit group working with cats who are up for adoption at the Pet Valu store in Manasquan, NJ. Her normal duties include cleaning the cages and making sure their space in the store are clean. She plays with them and makes sure that they get enough exercised and are being socialised. She is a bright spark of light in the cat rescue world. I am sure the management love her presence. I would as she is full of enthusiasm. She deserves praise, hence this post.

She decided that she could do more. She started a YouTube channel on which she presents the cats to promote their adoption. You can see an example of her work in the video below.

She said:

“I tell them about their unique personalities and if they’ve been spayed or neutered. I tell people a little bit about their backstory, whether they were fostered or rescued.”

When one of the cats had been adopted before Christmas thanks to her video she said:

“I was exhilarated, I thought it was the most amazing thing. When I see them go home it’s so rewarding and I love it.”

Nadira lives in Middletown, NJ, which is about 35 km north of the store/rescue where she volunteers. It is wonderful for an old guy like me to see such a young person so vibrantly committed to such a good cause as the rehoming of unwanted rescue cats. She sets a wonderful example for others.

So often I am used to seeing middle-aged women (who also deserve all the praise in the world and who I admire) working in cat rescue. It’s nice to see somebody at the other end of the age spectrum. I hope that she will go on to do great things in the cat rescue world. And I hope others, seeing her story, will decide to follow her.

Source: News12 New Jersey and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Confident, articulate 11-year-old girl promotes adoption of rescue cats in videos”

  1. This young child is surely the hope that we need in the future! Thank you sweetie for all you do for the kids waiting for homes!

    • Yes, she is the future. If all children were like this the future welfare of the domestic and stray cat would be assured.


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