CONFIRMED Doll-Faced Kitten Matata is a Male Kitten.

by Rudolph.A.Furtado

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“Matata” the male kitten

I initially mistook “matata” to be a female as i am not familiar with kittens unlike dogs which i bred previously and are easy to sex at birth. Doll-Faced Persian kittens being fluffy are very difficult for a novice at breeding to distinguish the male kittens from the female. On Tuesday (22-6-2009), i took matata to the vet for his first dosage of vaccination and hence got his sex confirmed which put all mysteries of the past two and a half months to rest.

I am sure that many “first-time cat breeders” must have faced the same doubts that i faced in detecting the sex of their kittens.


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CONFIRMED Doll-Faced Kitten Matata is a Male Kitten.

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Jun 23, 2009Kittens and their gender…
by: Amy

Thats happened to me before too. I had a kitten, I thought was a girl..named her Gidget, then a few weeks later, found out it was a Boy!! Had to change the name to Wiget..Sounded simular since he was already starting to come to the other..
Your cat is beautiful, by the way!! : )


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