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Confused about grain-free cat food — 7 Comments

  1. While my furbabies get a good quality pet food, they also get cooked chicken, fish, and beef, as well as cooked and raw fruits and veggies. Yes, whatever I eat, they get a little also-if they want it. They are not overweight nor underweight. They get dry and wet at every meal, but don’t get “people” food at every meal. And their treats are regulated. Over the years, I have become extremely disgusted with pet food manufacturers and don’t trust them further than I can throw a dinosauer.

  2. Please bear with my fumbling of URLS. I am without my usual access or bookmarks. Type in truthaboutpetfood.com or search petsumer report (Susan Thixton) for info of what I speak: what’s really in which pet food, where it comes from, updates on that and the industry… everything including analysis of each brand. Out of 14 prior cats I’ve had there’s one who’s still with us at 17, I think due in no small part to my effort to feed decent food to him for most of his life, but especially at this time of his life. I have three younger ones who I’m sure will fair better than all who died way before their time, I’m sure due to toxic cat foods. Please hear me…

  3. Understand that it is the pet food industry that draws my ire, and for ample reason. There is more to be upset about than grain in pet food or how marketting drives us nuts.

  4. All of that is ONE way to look at it. I’ll keep my mouth shut and simply offer a source for information that is attained purely by science alone – and yes out of the goodness of some scientists hearts. See petsumer.org.

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