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Confused Cat Demands to Enter House He Used to Visit — 8 Comments

  1. Is this poor cat really just a regular visitor to the previous resident?

    I ask because there is a sorrowful and determined desperation to the cat’s behaviour. I wonder if the cat was actually owned by the previous resident, who callously abandoned the cat?

  2. Poor cat is annoyed and also confused and fearful. That hiss, I read as a ‘fear hiss’ Hisses can express fear and aggression.

    I can’t imagine that the snappy, chiding raised voice of the new resident does anything to reassure the cat that she is safe for a cat to be around.

    Has she got an entire female cat inside who is coming into heat? I wouldn’t dismiss that, I’ve known humans do more stupid things, then been unable to understand the consequences.

    If she let the cat in to show that the cat’s friend has gone, the cat might not visit again.

    It might be kinder to totally ignore the cat.

  3. Poor kitty doesn’t understand that his friend is gone. Too bad the new owner won’t let him in to see that the old owner is no linger there. Maybe then he would stop coming around.

    I wonder if the new owner could contact the old owner and have the cat moved to the old owner’s new address?

  4. Would you all let a dog, raccoon, fox, or any other animal displaying aggressive behavior into your home if it demanded it wanted in?

    Find some psychologists and psychiatrists prescribing heavy medication, you all desperately need to be reconnected to reality. I suggest electroshock, that might help.

    • Once again you are displaying mental health issues. Racoons, foxes are wild animals and aggressive unknown dogs are potentially dangerous. This cat is a domestic cat and if you know how to understand their vocalisations you can tell that he/she is safe. It is a question of using your brain to make a decision. Something you are incapable of doing.

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen this before and PoC describes it correctly alright. I also feel sorry for the cat; it’s desperate and the woman doesn’t understand. This was unfortunate and I wonder what eventually happened.

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