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Confusion over What the Pope Said or Didn’t Say about Animals Going to Heaven — 2 Comments

  1. It doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t say, we know if there IS a Heaven, animals will have a place there too.
    If there isn’t, then none of us will be there anyway, we will be nowhere.

  2. Thank you dear friend <3

    As I said in the first article that Paradise is not limited place and that has a huge interest to be involved with the pleasure of human beings and JINNIES (ISLAM FAITH), too.

    Let me share with you friends a discussion between my one friend and me.

    Me: "I wish my cats were in Paradise, if I go there."

    Friend: "hahahha Astaghfir Ullah (May Allah forgive me and you for what you are saying and for what I am listening from you.)"

    Me: "What is wrong with this? now see, if it is written that a paradised soul, if he wants to eat chicken roast, he will instantly get the roasted chicken without cooking that, This is the saying of prophet SAW, so one companion asked the prophet that he love farming, he wish he could in paradise, so Mohemmud laughed and said you can do it there. And every wish comes true in paradise. So what is wrong or hurdle for GOD to not provide our love ones there???"

    Friend: "God knows better."

    Me: "And I know the GOD who knows me better and loves me and he will do every wish to come true to please me there, Any doubt????just remember! by this word 'doubt' I mean doubt in faith in almighty GOD. And if he is not able to give my cats in paradise, I think he has a limited might then 😉 And I believe in ALMIGHTY ALLAH, not a limited power ALLAH 😉 "

    My friend just hugged me and laughed. He is a religious man and a best friend for 25 years. He knows that I have studied the comparison studies of different religions very practically, not just theoretically. Well! we must refresh our faith in an infinite powerful GOD and not limit it according to our brains and likings/ diss-likings. This is what I believe. <3 😀


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