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Conor Maynard Badly Scratched By His Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I,too,have been badly scratched up a few times over the years. Usually when trying to get one of the cats out of a tree or off the roof. First places the cat would go once getting out of the house by accident.Yeah,it hurt like Hell,but the love and concern for the cat was more powerful. Scratches heal,the pain fades,but love is forever.

    • Exactly, Geri.
      A very frightened or injured domestic cat can turn them into feral behavior. They don’t understand that we are trying to help them and not harm them.

        • shame? i thought thats its pretty brave. i mean come on, going through a thorn bush just to save ur cat from even more hurting? thats pretty caring if u ask me..and not to expect about the london weather, what if its raining that time? thats gotta be ever hurt when water drops on ur injuries

    • I am the same. If I had to rescue my cat and he was fearful and so scratched me I’d take it with pleasure provided I could make him safe again.

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