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Considerations when buying a pedigree purebred cat — 4 Comments

  1. I wondered about the name of your site, since it’s so much more than pictures of cats, so I appreciate knowing the background. I do enjoy Helmi’s photos, and yours too!

    • Yes, 8 years ago the internet was a different place. Pictures of cats were just beginning to become popular which is why the site was built on that subject matter but then as the Internet evolved so did the website. It had to. That’s why I renamed the site PoC to neutralise the fact that the web address is pictures-of-cat.org. I wanted to break away from that subject matter although at its core, and the most important pages, are still the original ones which are now 7 and 8 years of age.

      The trouble is that the search engine still expect pictures of cats although Bing is very good to this website in respect of search results while Google is far less good. Way back about 6 years ago the site was doing about 1,000,000 page views per month but the Internet then was much smaller than it is today – less competition. The internet has probably expanded by a factor of about 20 or thereabouts of the last 8 years.

      Also, this website is very well ranked for the wild cat species. They say the average life of a website is about 4 years so I feel quite proud to have kept it going for twice that.

  2. Very interesting topic, with good information.

    I’ve never bought a purebred cat. A breeder friend was going to give me a persian kitten from the next litter, but somehow her cat got inseminated by a neighborhood stray tabby. But I still wanted a kitten, and ended up getting two females. One was a pale peach color, and the other was a beautiful tortie. The mother was a silver tip Persian with the flat face, so I was actually glad these kittens weren’t purepred. I didn’t know about any of the health issues, but didn’t care for that look.

    The breeder talked about the mellow Persian personality, and how these kittens had been handled a lot. They were about 2 months old. They grew into wonderful, calm, sweet cats, although one was very talkative, and the other very quiet. They were healthy, indoor outdoor cats, but always brought in at night. The peach colored one I named Peaches and the tortie, Puffin.

    I was very lucky with these two, and never had to take them to the vet for health issues. They spent a lot of time alone, since I worked. But they had a lot to explore on 5 acres. Both were neutered at about 6 months. They got along very well.

    I’ve never wanted a male cat because of things I’d heard about them going off, getting in fights, and also urinary tract issues.

    • I enjoyed your little story. Your cats were Persian-mixes. I guess that is the definition – one removed from purebred. They are probably better than purebred because of the injection of random bred cat genes. I wrote this page for it to be a link to a page about cat breeds which is is the fifth most visited page on the site. A lot of people visit PoC for cat breed information.

      Way back about 7 years ago, the site as pretty well exclusively about purebred cats and illustrated by Helmi Flick. We did a deal and she agreed to let me publish her pictures. I give to a specific charity run by a friend every month as a thank you. Have done for about 7 years. PoC is the only site that can do publish her pictures except for breeder sites who have employed Helmi to take photos of their cats.

      A lot of sites have stolen them. The internet is the wild west.

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