Constantly Smiling Cats are an Accident of Anatomy

I guess we know it, although some cat caretakers might like to believe otherwise. Cats who have a constant smile are just made that way. It is an accident of anatomy.

Smiling cat an accident of anatomy
Smiling cat an accident of anatomy. Photo: ankakay on Flickr
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That said, it does not mean that cats don’t smile inside, feel content or happy. But when we see a smiling cat it is an emotion that we see in the cat from the shape of his/her muzzle. Perhaps we want to see it.

However, we can tell by the overall appearance of a cat’s face and general demeanour when a cat is content or depressed or indeed anxious. It is there; the subtle changes in facial expression.

But I don’t believe cats smile like we do.

Some cat caretakers believe their cats are “clowns” constantly larking around having fun with a smile on their happy face. This is our interpretation of their behaviour. It is probably the human projecting her desire or emotions onto her cat.

But…perhaps I am being too unenlightened, too scientific. Perhaps cats do smile. What does your experience tell you?

31 thoughts on “Constantly Smiling Cats are an Accident of Anatomy”

  1. Cats don’t smile, it’s a human trait which cats don’t need. They tell us by their body language if they are happy or sad.

  2. Wonderful Article I notice My Own Cats smile. Like Tiger does that, but thats usually cause he wants a Suckle on the Earlobe. Also Rebel does that from time to time. I really hate it when people are super Happy all the time, or say nothing worries them cause deep deep down inside you always no there is a Problems but people are just in Denial.

      • Hi, Yea He’s been doing that since age 3 months when we got him I also think since he was in a house with lots of Dogs and where his sister I hate to say this was killed by dogs. Which is why I had to resuce him at the time as he prob wouldn’t be alive. I think also he does it for a reassures like something he enjoys.


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