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Constantly Smiling Cats are an Accident of Anatomy — 31 Comments

  1. Cats don’t smile, it’s a human trait which cats don’t need. They tell us by their body language if they are happy or sad.

  2. Wonderful Article I notice My Own Cats smile. Like Tiger does that, but thats usually cause he wants a Suckle on the Earlobe. Also Rebel does that from time to time. I really hate it when people are super Happy all the time, or say nothing worries them cause deep deep down inside you always no there is a Problems but people are just in Denial.

      • Hi, Yea He’s been doing that since age 3 months when we got him I also think since he was in a house with lots of Dogs and where his sister I hate to say this was killed by dogs. Which is why I had to resuce him at the time as he prob wouldn’t be alive. I think also he does it for a reassures like something he enjoys.

  3. I feel very sorry for Grumpy cat he just sits around like he’s lost the will to live when they drag him here and there he has probably made his benefactors a bloody fortune. I despise the use of animals as a commodity.

    My cats don’t smile but Ozzie sometimes has that typical Maine Coon Expression where his sort of pushes his whisker pads forward and looks disapproving, makes me smile 🙂

  4. Just because you live near Cheshire, doesn’t make you an expert in Smiling Cats, dear Michael!

    Your sense of humor (brit = “humour”) is pretty low-key.

    I like it.

    • My late lovely Mom loved Cheshire and especially the Cheshire cat (which fascinates me) she would always bring a Cheshire cat home for me when she visited there I adore that huge open mouth smile showing all those teeth!! particularly love that cat in the latest Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp 🙂

  5. Agreed with the words in the article, Michael.

    Some times the cat show a bit of teeth and a mouth as it is smiling but that is not true that she is smiling, actually it is possible that the cat is a bit tired or thirsty. My Laila shows a bit of teeth with smiling face but at that time she is tired with playing 50/50 the other kitten. both play together and wants to hug each other but never play aggressively with claws n teeth. just hug and jumps to each other and run after each other.

    I think cats may feel contented and purr. that is the body language and when I hug my Laila and keep closer to my heart (heart beat) she just sounds Grrrr Prrrr alike and she just rub her head with my chest. I kiss her on cheeks, head, body, claws (hand) and she is relaxed.

    She is my baby, just know that <3

    • Agreed. Also some people mistake the Flehman Response (using Jacobson’s Organ) as a cat being sinister. It can put some people off.

      I like your photo. Very tender relationship. Laila will be smiling inside.

      • Thank you my dear Jayme

        I only work out for the free roaming cats of Pakistan, because these people do not want them at all and I love them (means cats and kittens) all. In the start when I rescue any kitten or cat, it is always in worst condition but me and my daughter Khadija we spend our day n night to protect their lives and when they are nourished, we are the happiest folks of the planet.

        This is the matter of LIFE & DEATH for our family to protect these tiny animals. And we will carry on our mission. Insha Allah (With the strong WILL of GOD)

    • You are wonderful Ahsan I notice that even if your cats don’t smile they make you so happy 🙂 I love your photos you can see your cats adore you; you understand them you give each other pleasure, you have a bond; trust, very precious 🙂

      • Every fellow (cats or kittens) which I interact is the same with me. They are never aggressive. I think many of us, we don’t know how to touch a cat or kitten. Sometimes we touch them in a way that they dislike our touch. And my perception is very clear that let them be free and decide them whether they want to be with us or as a free roamer. If they love to stay with us then keep them as you keep your own children. They deserve the same love as your children do and taming must be necessary with love and very much care, as our children need schooling and other welfare needs for them.

        Thank you deeply with love and heart to you about sharing your comments, I think you are a true cat lover therefore you could assess my feelings through photo. Thanks again <3

  6. I don’t think it means much. It looks good if indeed you have a cat that has that built in feature. haha…. I just know my cat feels contentment and satisfaction and it comes with no strings. Just a bundle of happy boy. Now, since you mentioned it, i wish i had an accident of anatomy on my face. I don’t smile near as much as i would like. I can’t even purr to let you know i am content. haha.. Have a catastic rest of the day… =)

    • Now that is a good point Jayme. I wish I had had a happy anatomical accident too 😉 It would have helped me in my “career” when I was working. It is funny but some cats have a permanent smile but there is no such accident of anatomy for people.

      • I know what you both mean I don’t go around smiling all the time like a lot of people yet a lot of people just look ‘normal’ when they don’t smile yet I look fed up, miserable, angry, sad ….. I’m not 🙁 that’s just how I look I’ve been told this many times by different people. I think its because I usually have a lot on my mind and I’m thinking constantly…. I sometimes wish I could be more ’empty headed’ like some people I meet I don’t mean that disrespectfully yet I find that some people I come across that just concentrate on the bare minimum they need to get by are more relaxed and happy. I don’t think that will ever be me because I care too much both about animals and people ……. more so animals because they have no voice except when they scream out in pain and then only those of us who care sit up and take notice and try to do something to help them. I’m glad I care even though I will never have piece of mind. What do you reckon those happy empty headed people who tell me I look miserable would say if I related all this back? Probably think I was bonkers!! Lol

      • Some people here if you don’t go around grinning like a gargoyle, say ‘Cheer up it might never happen’
        That drives me mad!

  7. I call Walter and Jozef clowns because of their particular antics and not because they smiles.

    I don’t think I have ever had a cat with a genetic smile.
    I have some that stick their tongues out halfway. That’s enough of a smile for me. LOL!

    • This is an old photo in our old car when I was considering taking driving lessons, see my tongue stuck out with concentration trying to fathom out how to reach the steering wheel 😉

      • You don’t drive, Walter?
        Those ladies just won’t let you, will they?
        You can drive my car, buddy.
        Please smash it. I could use a new one.

        • The mammies cars are always old bangers too lol but they don’t care as long as they have wheels that take them where they need to go. The last one they got, as they drove away from the garage the wheel nearly came off cos the lad hadn’t screwed it on right, we were glad their Guardian Angel was on duty that day. Our lad and me hate cars really cos they take us to the vets

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