Constipated Cat Please Help

Constipated Cat Please Help

by Sharon

Hi it’s been very interesting to read all your input. I have a short hair black domestic cat who is constipated. Unfortunatley I am out of work and can’t afford the vets. So it is GREAT!!! to see you can come here and find out what a cat needs.

He is called Benny and loves to go out. Although I keep him in at night if I can as he gets into trouble with other cats. He is usually on the defensive! He is 9 and a half years old and I find he is cleaning his bottom a lot and his stools were hard in the litter tray, which he usually won’t use except for doing a wee. He has dry food and water. So what do I do? I have just paid £6 for a bottle of cold pressed olive oil for him will this help and should I put some on his bottom? He doesn’t like fish and wet food! Thank you sooo much for your help.


Hi Sharon.. Thanks for sharing. I actually made a post some time ago on home treatment for cat constipation, which you might find useful. But I think it goes without saying that a good vet must be the best advice. Although I understand what you say about expense

Is his constipation a result of his dislike of using the litter? One does follow from the other. Perhaps he doesn’t like the type of litter or the place where it is (although he pees there).

I think I would first change the litter set up completely. Place, litter tray, type of litter etc. And make sure it is cleaned daily or more.

After that, the next stage would be a change in diet to a commercial high fiber cat food.

Then check out the other stuff to which I have linked above and here: Home Treatment for Cat Constipation


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