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Contractor claims a bobcat attacked him on 18th floor of condominium in downtown Tampa — 13 Comments

  1. Another opportunist extortionist looking for a big pay day rip off from what he perceives are rich people. If I was him I would be too embarrassed to show my face to my man friends. I would bet money on it that he tried to abuse the cat and she was not having it. If it was my cat I would take her to the vet to make sure, because if he did with proof from the vet I would press criminal charges for animal abuse and all his phony lawsuit extortion scheme would go right out the window. Too bad the cat only scratched him. He is lucky he did not get shot, Florida is a stand your ground state and since he had no legal right to be there it would be justified under state law. My relatives in Florida tell me most people have at least one gun in their house.

  2. If it was a dog it would be court-ordered to be destroyed. People have lost their arms and legs to infections caused by cat attacks. Why do you feel you are above all laws on earth? You are not.

    The least that will happen now is that condominium complex will make it against condo rules for anyone to own cats and that cat-owner will have to sell their condo and move out–or get rid of her vicious cat. That’s what happens with criminally irresponsible pet-owners, and the harm they cause to all other pet owners.

    • Rubbish as usual. The condo obviously allows cats and perhaps small dogs under certain rules. This event (bite by cat) was caused by a breakdown in the condo rules. Therefore the rules are good and should not be changed as you suggest. Cats scratches and bites are not dangerous provided the bitten or scratched person observes the wound and if it becomes inflamed sees their doctor for an antibiotic prescription as soon as possible. The inflammation will subside quite quickly. If wounds are left they can cause a more severe injury through infection. Most cat bites don’t result in an infection.

      I am sick of people like you calling cat owners ‘criminally irresponsible’. It is you who is more likely to be a criminal through trolling on cat websites. Beware. In the UK it is a crime.

  3. I think if it were a dog, even his lawyer wouldn’t have gone for it. Both animals have the natural inclination if not the right to protect their home against strangers, especially if the owner isn’t there. Also, being that Mr. Hernandez was so ludicrous as to the identity of the animal, Calli probably thought “I don’t EVEN trust THIS moron, who probably thinks I’m a Bobcat or something.”

    • I bet he tried to abuse her and she fought back. I would take her to the vet and if the vet said he harmed one hair on her head I would press criminal charges for amimal abuse. Too bad she only scratched this low life.

      • 🙂 You make me smile. I would not be surprised if the contractor did something which caused Calli to react with a scratch or bite.

  4. It’s the old Lawsuit Lottery. I hope she fights him tooth and nail, as it were. Countersue, if she can. I would definitely have a lawyer, because if he goes with a jury trial, it is amazing what they will award for utter nonsense. That scum will go after the deepest pockets he can. What a total loser. And his being in there when he wasn’t supposed to, and the owner could not be present, I would hope will really count against him. Please keep us updated on this?

  5. Hopefully Callie will be okay. The only other logical (tongue in cheek) explanation is that Callie is a cat shapeshifter who can turn into a bobcat. Of course. ☺️

  6. Maybe Calli is tailless (part Manx?) which caused the plaintiff’s confusion!?! I truly hope that Mr. Hernandez had a contingency fee arrangement with his attorney, meaning that the attorney would only be paid if he won the case. I have the feeling that the condominium association’s legal team will make quick work of this matter.

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