Cool Cat Cartoon

The Coon Cat cartoon is a somewhat forgotten one. Perhaps it is because the gags, animation and characterisation were not up to the usual standard of Warner Brothers, the company that produced the successful Bugs Bunny and Road Runner. It was a late entry into the Warner Bros cartoon cat library. Cool Cat was bipedal and therefore are anthropomorphic cat (acting like a human).

Cool cat wore a white collar and necktie. His first outing was in the cartoon film aptly entitled, Cool Cat in which he was hunted by the ineffectual Colonel Rimfire. Rimfire uses a four wheel drive robotic elephant called Ella for transportation. He fails to get Cool Cat in the first episode. In the second Cool Cat cartoon, called Big Game Hunt, he tries again and chases the unflappable tiger into a haunted house. Both become terrified in the house by Spooky the ghost.

Injun trouble (1969) commentary
by MatthewHunter

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As expected the Colonel always comes out the loser in subsequent episodes. Cool Cat also has his fair share of adventures at college in Bugged by a Bee. In this film his athletic abilities impress the girls only his athletic abilities are it seems based on being stung by a bee. In Injun Trouble he has trouble with Native Americans. This, the last of the Warner Bros cartoons is shown above with a useful commentary by Mathew Hunter.

There were 6 cartoons between 1968 and 1969 and the last is the featured in the video above.

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