Cool Cat Photo: Edited Or Not?

This in an interesting cat photo. The question is: is it photoshopped or is the right hand cat’s head behind the head of the other cat? I would like someone to tell me how they think the photo was created. My answer is below.

Cool cat photo

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My answer: this is pure photoshop. The two cats are in fact the same cat. The photo editor has used a single photograph of a cat and copied and flipped the image to create another image so that the cats face each other (mirror image) and then photoshopped out parts of the second cat on the right hand side so that it seems he/she is behind the cat on the left.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Cat Photo: Edited Or Not?”

  1. I would have to agree, Michael. The positioning of the cat’s legs are identical — just in the reverse. Definitely photoshopped. . .


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