Cops ‘arrest’ a cat and take ‘it’ away, to where (video)?

Cops 'arrest' a cat and take 'it' away, to where (video)?
Cops ‘arrest’ a cat and take ‘it’ away, to where (video)?
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INDIANA, USA: Well he says “will you take her home?”. It seems that those words were directed at the cat’s owners which would indicate that the cat is owned and therefore domesticated. But then they catch the cat in a net and take him/her away for what I guess is certain death. How about that? Weird or what?

That’s my interpretation of the video which is murky. It is unclear what is going on or why it happened. Why is a cop involved with a cat? Did he tell some people (a couple) to take the cat home? Why did they trap the cat and take them away? Where did they take the cat? An animal pound somewhere to be killed? And why is the video entitled: “Caught on camera: Cat attacks cop”. WFMZ-TV NEWS 69 say a feral cat attacked a police officer.

I don’t see the cat attacking the cop. I see the cat confronting the cop and communicating with the cop. The cat seems disturbed and upset. As I said it is murky. Although there are some great (kind) stories of cats and cops in the US, the general trend is that cops don’t got on that well with cats.

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