Cops save duckling and their mom from feral cat

Police save ducklings and mom from feral cat
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Police save ducklings and mom from feral cat

Thanks to social media, we are told that several police officers in Newark, California rushed out of a meeting to save the lives of some ducklings and their mom from a feral cat in a parking lot.

The Newark Police Department, California have a Facebook page. They indulged in a nice bit of public relations on social media yesterday in posting the following:

“Feel good Wednesday. Serving and protecting them all, big or small. On National Siblings Day several officers rushed out of a meeting to save several ducklings from being attacked by a feral cat in the back of the PD lot.

Mamma duck did what she could to protect her ducklings but she needed some help. Officers chased away the cat and located all of the ducklings. Mamma and all of her babies were reunited and safely relocated by our animal control officer.”

They included a video. We don’t see the feral cat. But I am sure he/she is fine. One of the police officers suggests that they go and find the other babies because he believed that there were more and he was probably right. We need a follow up post 🙂

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