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"Copycat Matata" is mimicking all the habits and mannerisms of his mother Matahari, the good along with the bad. The good is that he is now totally "toilet trained" but the bad is that he wants to sit on the "Gallery Window Ledge", just like Matahari. Hope he doesn't fall off as his mother Matahari has a totally different "Body Configuration" compared to him, a short body, typical of a "persian cat". Persian cats are not good climbers unlike Siamese or other tall limbed cats.

On Sunday(20-9-2009) Matata did the ultimate mimickry of Matahari by jumping onto the gallery window ledge and thankfully I quickly took him from the ledge. In this photograph he is shown sitting in the money plant pots from where he jumped onto the gallery ledge above.

A slip from that ledge means a drop 5 floors below. NOW I UNDERSTAND THE HUMAN TERM,"COPY CAT".


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Sep 24, 2009 Rudolph
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph, I am sure that one day in the not too distant future someone will start up a Persian Cat Association in India and there will be a cat show sometime afterwards. India is becoming more and more westernised.

Why don't you start it?! It would change the perception of the domestic cat in India and may do some good.

Sep 24, 2009 Reply to Michael on status of Persian cats in Mumbai

Hi Michael,
Thanks to your blog and my own personal blogs on Persian cats that an interest has arisen about the status of "Persian Cats" in Mumbai.

There are no "PEDIGREE CATS" in India unlike "Pedigree dogs" as there is no recognised "Cat Fanciers Association".

All cat owned by private pet owners are never paraded or exhibited in a "Cat Show" hence the total amount of "Persian cats" in India and Mumbai can never be ascertained unlike pedigree dogs.

Pet shops sell the "Doll-Faced (Traditional)" Persian cats akin to my cat Matahari and amongst these there are a few "Flat-Faced (Peke face)" cats.I was lucky to have got a good specimen in Matahari and further mating with the breeders sire produced Matata, a freak compared to his siblings and more true to the pure original traditional Persian cat.

Sep 21, 2009 Cats and windows
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Rudolf. Careful with those windows - no matter how well behaved a cat gets, the temptation of a passing bird or just an insect might prove too much.
We have installed some special latches on all windows that only allow to open 6 cm. When we had a kitten we adjusted that to just 4 cm after he somehow sneaked out anyhow...
I don't know what they're called in English, but this model also have the benefit of being impossible to open or tamper with from the outside, which means we don't have to worry about leaving the windows open in summer.
You can also place a wooden frame covered with bird net in front of the window - that might be the best option in a warm climate.

Take care of Matata - he's such a fine cat. πŸ˜‰

Sep 21, 2009 Scared for MATATA
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph. I'm a bit frightened for him. I also forgot how gorgeous he looks. He is coat is very delicately coloured.

How many purebred Persians are there in Mumbai. And are their any flat faced ones?

Good luck to MATATA (and you!)

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