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  1. Years ago I brought Angel and her (unnamed) brother home with me. The brother was very outgoing and immediately explored the apartment. She hid underneath the bed. I laid down on the floor and he pounced on me. Every two minutes he’d run back to her as if to say “Come on out! You gotta see this!” She wouldn’t.

    I put the two of them in the bathroom in a basket. They went to sleep there while I went out to get Kitten Chow and cat litter. I hadn’t expected to have a cat so soon and I didn’t have any supplies. When I came back I opened up the door. I was on the phone in the living room with my mother when Angel woke up and jumped out of the basket. Before she would have nothing to do with me. After she watched her brother she must have decided that since I didn’t kill and eat him I was safe. She walked into the living room, crawled up my legs and curled up on my chest just like her brother did.

  2. So I had one cat and a few weeks ago another stray landed outside my door and won’t go away. Thing is the stray has started copying MY cat in all her actions.. purring, rubbing against things. She’s learned to jump in the window and she has even begun meowing EXACTLY the same way as my cat does! I’m thinking this is why the word originated..

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