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  1. Hello ALL i am from Pakistan Admin Of Howpk website which you mentioned in your comments. I am here for you. Is there anything which i can do for you. there are many veterinary universities in Pakistan which work very well. UVAS is the nearest university and research center to my area. and other thing in Pakistan many have verified Paypal account there are many ways to active and verify it :). feel free to contact me back is anything is there for me…
    Tanvir Zafar : CEO @ Howpk

    • Thank you very much Tanvir for leaving a message on this site. If you’d like to write an article about what you do please just leave a long comment and I’ll pick it up and convert it into an article.

      • Thanks Michael Broad for appreciating me.
        I am a student of Software engineering (5th semester). I like to help people by providing them information as well as news and tips. For that purpose i make a site named as Howpk. In no time it become so famous in Pakistan, India as well as US and Indonesia. I always looking for some awesome tricks and tips. When i come to this site and read the topic i feel very exited as i also want that Pakistan should also take forward step in Veterinary science. DEE (a commenter on this site) have mention my site with the query “how to get and verify paypal in Pakistan). Thanks DEE for giving my site link as it is on top of such searches. I know Paypal is not support Pakistan as our online banking system is not good enough. But there are millions of people in Pakistan who want online transaction which only can be possible by Paypal. in order to help those people i make a trick and wrote an article on it. Now we can also use paypal for online transaction. As far as we talk about this article in Pakistan there are many Universities which work for Veterinary sciences. As i already mention UVAS is the best research center for this purpose. I am totally agree with Dee that disease spread rapidly in the animals but we are still working on it in order to get from such disease. If you want to help us in any way feel free to tel me how we can do this .

  2. I tried for hours to find a reputable vet site thst would ship vaccines to Pakistan and failed.

    It’s easy to get it shipped here.
    So, I suggest that, someone from some country capable of getting the vaccines, buy and ship them to him. Shipping from here is about $45, probably less from the UK.

    From what I read, rabies is a huge problem and growing there. His cats need protection.

    I, also, found some sites that describe how he can get a verified paypal account. Honestly, I didn’t read them.



    Also, if he has a bank account that requires a $50 minimum balance, so be it. The donation will cover that and give him enough to build his shelter.

    • Thanks a lot Dee for this. I tried as well to try and find a supplier of pet medical equipment and medicines to Pakistan but failed. It seems shocking to me that it is so hard to get veterinary care in Pakistan and Ahsan is forced to consider treating his cat himself. It implies that all the cats in Pakistan or at least many of them do not receive veterinary treatment and therefore they must die of disease rather than old-age.

  3. I tried for some hours to find reputable vet sites that would ship vaccines to Pakistan, but I failed.
    They are so easy to get shipped here.
    Rabies in Pakistan is getting out of control, and I fear for animasls and humans.

    The best solution I can come up with is for any country that can buy, go ahead, and someone from that country ship to Ahsan. Shipping would cost about $40 from here. I think it’s pretty urgent if he has free-roaming cats and ferals.

    I, also, checked into how he could get a verified paypal account. Honestly, I didn’t read but here are the sites I found:



    If I understand him correctly, he has a bank account but $50 is what he must maintain as a minimum. So, $50 of the donation fund will satisfy that, and the remaining will give him what he needs to build a shelter.

    I wish I could have found more.

  4. Thanks Michael. I hope my comments will be useful to people who have thus far only known the stock answers. I think those early and possibly useless vaccinations are just another example of the vets wanting to keep up a good income.

  5. A couple of problems. Administering live attenuated vaccines in the nose can cause a full blown disease episode. In the case of the 3-in-1 vaccine the active agents reach the nose, throat, lungs, where they replicate very fast because that is the area they specialise in. Attenuated live vaccines work by replicating slowly when injected in other body areas giving the immune system time to react. Nasal applications sabotage their modus operandi. There are however newer vaccines designed specifically for nasal application. But how does one squirt the vaccine into a cat’s nose? Most of it will go on the cat’s face or on the table.
    After reading “”Patient (host) factors:” section 4, in the article.- http://www.pet-informed-veterinary-advice-online.com/vaccination-failure.html
    I see I have to rethink the whole matter of vaccinations.
    The problem is when to vaccinate.
    It is generally cosidered that vacciantions can be done at 2-3 months with kittens, and spme Vets claim that 6 weeks is Ok.
    However maternal antibody protection can last up to 14 weeks or 3 months 14 days. The mother’s antibodies still active in the kitten destroy the newly introduced virus and prevent the kitten from adequately developing it’s own immunity. Thus early vaccination may be a waste of time. The answer is not easy as the time after 3 months is a very dangerous time for a kitten but I would suggest that the use of a killed virus vaccination at 14 weeks is the best option.
    The picture is further complicated when the cats and kittens being treated live outdoors and thus exposed to Lord knows what as well as being malnourished. But the a cat that has survived without any vaccinations at all will probably mean it has a good immune system despite everything being against it. After all it has survived and even produced a new generation.
    In N Cyprus I can buy vaccines from the Pharmacy at around 15 Turkish Lira or EUR 7. That’s a lot better then even the EUR 20 the cheapest Vet charges. One has even charged me EUR 30, but never again!
    Ahsan in Pakistan could try contacting the importer of vaccines to get a better deal, but the matter of maintained refrigeration (+2 – +7 C) is of vital importance.
    For cases of diarrhea I also buy the antibiotics from the Pharmacy without a prescription. Amoxiccillin syrup, Ercefuryl, and Zinnat (Cefuroxime for human patients) have proved invaluable, 100% as a matter of fact. De-worming tablets are also easily available.
    It must be heartbreaking to see cats in need of such basic attention when everything is so difficult. Hm. That also applies to people in need too!

  6. Hi Michael;

    You did a good job of explaining. I would only add a few tips.

    Always wear gloves, particularly if the cat is feral.

    Clip their nails before you attempt to stick a needle in a cat. Some cats tolerate a stick fairly well. Others will whip on you in a nano second and can cause injury. I speak from experience. 🙂

    If you have a testy cat or you are a newbie to vaccinating, have someone help you. One person to hold the cat FIRMLY and the other to quickly administer the shot. Rub the area where the vaccine was administered lightly for a few seconds.

    IF you do get scratched or bit, force the wound to bleed a little, then flood it with peroxide. Apply Neosporin or another good topical ointment. I actually use ‘Panalog’. It is a veterinary medicine that is used on animal wounds, but humans have also used it. I’ve used it for years. Watch for swelling and redness.

    Regarding the needles. As Michael said, use ONLY ONCE. Needles are pretty cheap. In America, many states do not require a prescription for them. Some companies will sell you the needles if you buy the vaccines from them, but they are a LOT cheaper at your local pharmacy.

    Take care all.


    • Sorry, I had to chuckle when I read this. If the cat is feral, there in no way in heck you will get anywhere near their paws to trim them! Not if you want to stay out of the hospital. For ferals all you need to do is have someone scruff the cat and have the other person vaccinate. 🙂

          • LOL Michael. I am a dedicated cat lover, but there is a technique.

            If you are quick enough, you can grab them by the scruff of the neck and stand them on their tippy toes. Most cats will paw the air or just extend their legs out. Their claws are almost always extended enough to clip them. I go like wild fire. 🙂

            I am smart enough to know when not to tempt fate. After 3 times having to have rabies vaccinations (and Gama globulin), I learned my lesson. I should have learned the after the first 21 shots, but alas, I didn’t. (:

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