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Cornell Feline Health Center Needs Your Help — 3 Comments

  1. If it was terminal, I’d be in too much distress to think about this kind of thing. I can pretty much predict my behavior in this regard. It would be great to hear from readers on this topic.

    I realize that future actions are difficult to predict, but in this case, I’m almost certain that I would be too distressed to even think of anything but losing my precious companion.

    It could be done following euthanasia, with no concern for pain. I just know I wouldn’t do it because of my own emotional state at the time.

  2. This seem like a well meaning project. I do wonder if my cat were at the vet’s, would I have the presence of mind to do something like this? I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t, in view of the stress from recent vet visits. My entire focus would be on my cat, and not scientific gains for others.

    I would imagine that if vets were notified about this study, they might suggest it to their clients. But, this doesn’t seem practical either, considering the overwhelming busyness of most practitioners.

    • For me it would depend on how serious the situation was with respect to my cat’s health. It the illness was terminal, I’d probably do it if it caused no extra distress for him/her.

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