Cornish Rex Cat Rescue

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Cornish Rex cat rescue – Katie waiting to be rescued
photo by Boska

The purpose of this page is to help bring together all available live and ongoing resources in respect of Cornish Rex cat rescue to avoid having to trawl through the internet. Sometimes rescue operations can be quite widely dispersed and it can take time to find stuff.

It is useful to remind ourselves what this cat looks like and check over some basics before buying: see Cornish Rex cat – this looks at the more slender American Cornish Rex. This page: Cornish Rex cats looks in more detail at the origins of this breed of cat.
Before looking for specialist rescue operations, I’d be pleased to refer visitors to a page on:

Purebred cat rescue.
The link takes you to a page that looks at a number of possible routes to adopting a purebred cat including possibly a Cornish Rex. This is quite a comprehensive page.

So, are there any organizations that specialize in rescuing this cat? This is a fairly rare cat breed so there aren’t that many anyway. And sometimes breeders will re-home cats they have supplied if the new keeper is unable to cope due to unforeseen reasons. That will further reduce supply to cat rescue centers, at least on the face of it.

Although on that basis it may be sensible to contact breeders as well as if they do re-home they are acting as a rescue center and may accept a reduced fee for such a cat – I am not sure.

My research threw up these options in no particular order except the first ones were the easiest to find and therefore probably the most active:

Cornish Rex Friends ***
USA – Although it doesn’t jump of the page as to where they are based (presume USA), I instantly liked this website as it is current, practical and functional but these are my views only. They very sensibly use Flickr to store their photos of cats for adoption and their photos can be published under a creative commons license – very sensible again I think. I would recommend this operation. Here are a couple of Cornish Rex cat rescue adoptees:

cornish rex cats
Cornish Rex cats Cleo (left) and Leo (right)
photo is by Boska

Cleo and Leo were available for adoption at 18th August 2008. They are siblings. Fantastic coat patterns. They look like twins.

Cornish Rex Friends also has a Yahoo Group. Yahoo Groups are a good way to meet other online who have similar interests. It is easy to network. I recommend Yahoo Groups cat rescue. This is theirs: CornishRexFriends. This group seems active at early September 2008.

Cornish Rex Friends link to:

The Rexphiles
USA – Arizona based. The organizer dislikes the attitude of some people who lack the required responsibility to keep purebred cats as much as I do. She wrote a book on the Cornish Rex cat breed: “The Guide to Owning a Cornish Rex Cat.”

In the UK these are the organizations that stood out. They look rather low key I have to say. But as stated contacting them may lead to something.

The Rex Cat Association
UK – this association is of course concerned with more than rescue but rescue plays a role and they cover all rex cats.

The Rex Cat Club
UK – being a club they deal with Cornish Rex rescue but I couldn’t see anything on their website but that said making contact with them may lead to a result. Click on the link above for contact details.

OK, the sites above are all that are readily available.

Photos: Reproduced under a creative commons license – Attribution-NonCommercial License

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