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Coronavirus tells us that Americans love their freedoms — 1 Comment

  1. Hello, Michael,

    Interesting article. Yes, Americans LOVE their freedom. However, authentic freedom doesn’t come without discipline. When the Virus first began in the USA, Trump completely hid the truth from us. He told us that the virus would disappear like magic very quickly and not to worry about it. He refused to listen to the legitimate medical and scientific experts and follow up with their suggestions. Finally, when lockdowns were initiated, although very hard on us, the number of infections began to decline. But since Americans love their freedoms so much- Trump basically gave the go ahead to go ahead to quickly open things. AND the number of infections started rising to heights that now are out of control. Fortunately, President-Elect Biden believes in science and will do everything possible to eliminate COVID19. What does this have to do with cats? There are numbers of cat lovers who work very hard at managing feral colonies- Trap Neuter-Release back to colonies, and then feline populations dwindle. Folks who are doing TNR work very hard to humanely control populations. It takes discipline, and it takes consistency to do this work successfully. There is no need to kill these cats or have them euthanized in shelters. Many shelters are working toward becoming no-kill. But all of these solutions to the feral cat “problem” requires a lot of work. I hate to say it, but many Americans don’t have patience. They want immediate results so having lockdowns was unacceptable, even though it was beginning to have a positive effect of lowering numbers of infections and having a self-centered president who has no discipline, who wants what he wants when he wants it has caused great tragedy here in the USA. The same thing with our amazing feral kitties (brought about by those people who abandon their pet cats when they get sick of caring for them. Folks must be willing to sacrifice their “freedom” for a while to help stem the virus, and people who hate feral cat colonies must be willing to do something humane to control populations without resorting to killing these kitties.

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