Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

by Michael

Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

Cosmic Alpine Scratcher - sounds super. And it works. Forty-two reviews on give it an average of 4.5 stars. And the delicious Christie Long, AKA The Pet Doctor, on recommends it. She is a vet who is against declawing but does not go so far, regrettably, as to never do the operation. Shame. Maybe she is under peer pressure to keep friendly with the rest of the vets.

I wonder how much pressure vets in the USA feel who don't like declawing but can't say so publicly for fear of being an outcast in the veterinarian community. Nearly all American vets declaw.

Here is the cosmic scratcher. Anyone considering, even beginning to think about declawing should look at alternatives first and then read all the declawing articles on this site. Sebastian's Diary is a very good start and a good read.

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Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

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Apr 04, 2012 Far from delicious NEW
by: Cat lover

Christie Long is far from delicious if she mutilates cats merely to stay in favor with her colleagues.
Anything recommended by her or any other corrupt vet who declaws I'd avoid on principle!
There are American vets who refuse to declaw.
They are the ones to be admired.

Apr 04, 2012 Declawing vets NEW
by: Ruth

Shame on that vet for declawing at all, it's time the ones who 'don't like doing it' to STOP doing it! No point them recommending scratching pads yet still amputating toe ends on demand.
It only takes one good example for others to follow, it's no excuse to do it because others do!
We bought one of those hill shaped scratching boards each for our 2 cats thinking they'd love them....WRONG....Walt likes his flat pad and Jo likes his upright post.
Two of the cats at Kays Hill appreciated them though lol
Cats are just like us humans, we have different preferences and they do too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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