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Cost of cat teeth cleaning — 14 Comments

  1. Interesting. Might have to look at taking Rebel soonish as his is blackish dont know its bad or not. Might have to look at getting some Special Cat Dental Cat Biscuits by royal canin

  2. Our cheap vet did Coral under sedation for around $100. She had a scaling and the vet also told us she was closer to 11 than 5 years old. Now we have the toothbrush and toothpaste and Laura goes around confusing them with whether its food or medicine.

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  4. The cost of cat veterinary bills in the West exceeds my annual overseas tour budget !Unbelievable.Michael i hope “Charlie” is better and his upkeep proves that you are a British Millionaire.No wonder some people abandon their pets in animal shelters in the West where they are ultimately euthanized.How could a unemployed or low income individual afford a pet in the West ?

    • I was just thinking about the cost again this morning and it is a big put off for a lot of people which is why cats don’t get taken to the vet enough. Vets have a lot to answer for. London is very expensive though. I’d expect prices to be cheaper in the countryside but still fairly high.

      • I worry about a time when maybe I couldn’t afford it and wonder what I would do. I think I would sell my soul (or my body if I could find anyone that wanted it!! Lol) to pay for vet treatment. There is common sense if you are on a low income in having just one cat or 2 at a push because the worry over vets bills as you say Michael just adds to all the stress you are already feeling ;(

  5. Michael thats extortionate in London! Almost 4 times the cost! Alfie had a dental with 2 extractions and it was £120. Mind you I’m in the pet health scheme yet this wasn’t covered because the insurers state that dental issues are preventable! Yes if you can get a toothbrush in your cats mouth! In my case not so 🙁 Alfie has a mild variation of Ozzies Calichi so no in my case this is what Calichi Virus does attacks the gums so I couldn’t have prevented it. Bit unfair of the insurance companies I feel 🙁

      • I know Michael a horrible feeling being ripped off 🙁 where do you stop though when he’s your family? do you stop even? when is it time to try another vet? Will you ever because you probably think the solution may be just around the corner…… Hope Charlie is feeling better though

        • You get this terrible guilt about whether you can afford hundreds or over a thousand pounds to help your cat and then you have no choice but to spend it. You add that to the stress of your cat being ill and it is pretty stressful.

  6. Where do you start when your babies have made it to four years old in the blink of an eye? They’ve learned to actually almost ask for a manicure and then pretend I am killing them….

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