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Cosy relationship between veterinarians and pet food manufacturers. Good or bad? — 3 Comments

  1. What a sad way to behave on the part of veterinarians. I do not understand why they find it essential to act as corporate sellouts and sing about commercial food products instead of suggesting natural ingredients which can benefit the pets. The information you have given further intensified by the http://petvethospitals.ca/ my disapproval towards such practices by the veterinarians.

  2. Pet guardians are very reluctant to believe that most vets don’t really want to keep their pet healthy. That would affect their bottom line, which is profit.

    I didn’t realize until recently that Hills and Royal Canin provide the 2 weeks of nutritional education in vet school. So guess what products get pushed after the vet has their own practice? This so-called “prescription” food is hardly that. It’s just a marketing ploy. There’s really nothing prescription about it, except that you have to get a prescription, and then pay the price!

    If you’re educated about the harmful ingredients in pet food, and how most of it is made, you’ll see from looking at the ingredient list of Hills and RC that it’s a recipe for ill health. Also, there have been many consumer complaints about these foods sickening and killing their pets. Look it up.

    I’m sorry to break the news, but vets are for the most part, not to be trusted. I realize that we need them for certain things, but please don’t blindly trust a vet. I’ve had people tell me that they really like their vet, that they’re really nice.
    They may be friendly and nice, but remember it’s to their advantage.

    Most vets are totally ignorant about pet nutrition, since that’s not their focus. They’re priority is fixing problems, at least temporarily. But the bottom line is PROFIT!

    We must take responsibility for educating ourselves about pet nutrition, and “Pay now, or Pay later”. It’s easy to find out what’s on a pet food label by using the Internet. You can enlarge the type so you can read it, which is difficult if not impossible when you’re in the store. It’s important to take this step before you do your pet food shopping. It will take some time, but how much time do you want your pet to live? Think about it.

    I’m still doing research, and in the meantime have started giving some raw ground chicken and turkey with TC Raw Pre-mix, ordered online. It’s very easy to do, then put in packages in the freezer. With cats, you may have to introduce slowly with regular canned food.

    Remember cats are carnivores, and if left to fend for themselves outdoors, they will eat whatever creatures they can find that provide for their nutritional needs. Dry food doesn’t do it, and besides that, the food manufacturers use addictive
    sprays, which is like sugar coated cereals for cats.
    It’s not a good scene out there. BEWARE….no one’s looking out for you or your pet….you’re it!

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