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Cougar Kills Livestock? Protect The Livestock! — 7 Comments

  1. I agree farmers dont do enough. The Snow Leopard trust really sounds special in how they deal with everything. The question of involving locals is majorly important I would assume.

    • Having encountered many cat charities through their websites, my feeling is that the Snow Leopard Trust is one of the very best because they use imaginative ways to resolve a very difficult problem, namely to find a balance between the farmers who need to earn a precarious living and the Snow Leopard that has a right to a life in these beautiful high places in the Himalayas and surrounding areas. Once again it is people who have expanded their activities onto the ranges and habitat of a wild cat species and under those circumstances the people have a moral obligation and an obligation to the planet to find a solution. So the whole problem has to be resolved by the people who share the same space as the cat. The snow Leopard Trust focus on motivating local people to work with them and provide solutions to find this balance.

  2. Like Dee I’m always on the side of the cat. I think farmers should understand Nature and how she works and that it’s their duty to protect their livestock.
    It actually makes me sick that they moan about hungry wild animals killing their animals when that’s just what they intend to do themselves, kill them for food for meat eaters and be paid for killing them.

    • Farmers don’t do enough with respect to wildlife conservation, in my opinion. They just might not be intelligent enough to think about it. I do not know, but to simply shoot the cougar is not right because as I mentioned the farmer moved into the land where the cougar lives and has lived for hundreds of thousands of years (well before the human turned up) so what does he expect? The farmers are farming on land occupied by the cougar. The farmer therefore owes it to the cougar to do more to try and live in harmony with the cat.

  3. I’m not the best one here to respond to this topic, because I am always on the side of a cat. I’m not objective.
    Nature is nature and cats are predators. They’re just trying to survive.
    I realize that livestock may be the only source of income to some (but, really, aren’t farms pretty scarce today?), so those people need to take the necessary precautions to protect their animals to the extent that I try to protect mine.
    It is my obligation to protect without causing harm. I get angry with raccoons that hinder my efforts or attack my cats and harm or kill them; but I have a duty to find a way to make everything work for the best interest of all.

    • You know me, I’m always on the side of the cat but I do recognise the need for farmers to make a decent living. There has to be a balance between conservation and profitable farming and as far as I am concerned that is best achieved by focusing more on protecting livestock rather than simply killing the animals that kill the livestock. Some of the burden of dealing with this matter should be on the shoulders of farmers. To kill cougars just because they kill livestock is a very easy and convenient option but it is unfair because the farmers moved into the habitat of the cougar. The farmer owes it to the cougar to at least do his best to try and live in harmony with them.

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