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Could cats be used as search and rescue animals? — 2 Comments

  1. I think dogs have been good at it because they evolved to be not only willing but intent on doing man’s bidding. They look to people for focus and bond intently to their trainer. They can operate well with lots of people around whereas cats – not so much. Actually not at all. I always say everything is a matter of degree so perhaps here too. Cats do bond to us but not in a trainer I’ll do what you say kind of way… not with too much else going on… they are hyper vigilant (too aware), and I think can’t focus on a job like this. Yeah they do have focus and patience, for a search and find that is programmed into their genes. If they could be trained with all this in mind, they’d be good at it. They’re certainly physically capable. They could find people in collapsed buildings much better than a dog could.

    • I agree with you Albert. We may be surprised though if a cat was trained. Some therapy cats are very laid back with crowds etc.. It should be tried I think. And the training would probably allow them to be focused.

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