Could He Be a Devon Rex Mix?

by Sally Homfeldt
(Elgin, Illinois USA)

I received a litter of 5 kittens that were about 3 weeks old a while back. There was a runt that was about half the size of the other ones. We kept him separate in a tank on a heating pad and he was fed more because he was so small.

He had very sparse hair that stuck straight out from his body. He is now about six months old and still here because my granddaughter is totally attached to him (and the feeling is mutual.

I have taken care of many kittens in my 40 plus years of taking care of abandoned kittens and have never had one this nosy.

He is a real jumper and he STEALS things. He is all black and has very large ears with very small tufts of fur on the top. Could he possibly have some Devon in him. He also appears to have a hump back and when he sleeps he sleeps in a reverse “C” so his legs are above his back. The Vet says his spine is fine but he looks like he has a definite hump.

Thank You Sally Homfeldt

Hi Sally.. thanks for visiting. Apologies for the delay in responding. I tend to wait for more short posts of a similar type and ball them together.

I think it is possible that he may have the gene that causes sparse hair.

He may also have a condition that causes hair loss or poor hair growth. However you do not report any other symptoms other than thin hair.

Time will no doubt provide the answer. There are a number of reasons why the hair is sparse other than a gene: hormone concentrations, nutrition, health, parasites.

Another cat that has sparse hair is the Peterbald by the way.

The best cat health book on the market says that a poor haircoat is a reflection of a “systemic health problem.”

I would check health first as that is possibly the more likely problem. A second opinion might be in order.

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