Could this be.. a Tiffany?

by Sarah Myers
(Salem, Oregon, USA)

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A few months ago I noticed this cat on my backyard fence. At the time I didn't know whether it was male or female but it was meowing and barely any sound would come out.

I put out some food to try to bait it to come closer. It seemed to work. Though she was very cautious I noticed that she was very matted and had a collar around her neck.

After a few days of feeding her she allowed me (sort of) to get closer to her until she allowed me to touch her. The collar was so tight around her neck she could barely meow or swallow any food. She allowed me to take it off but it took a very long time. It must've been placed around her neck when she was a kitten. She had lost most of her fur around her neck.

As time went on we became friends and now were best friends. She loves being indoors and doesn't like going outside at all much anymore. Just recently i decided to look online about what breed she resembled.

She has this very adorable meow (its not even a meow its more like chirping sound as i have read on many websites).

She doesn't like being alone, she likes when people are around her. when you talk to her she responds and when you call her name she comes. She loves laying on you when you sleep and she also enjoys a comfy lap, she will be there for many hours.

All her traits and markings are of a tiffany but I cant figure out if the white markings she has would disqualify her from being a tiffany.

I'm just looking for some input by other people that have had this kind of breed. Any input with be appreciated.


Hi Sarah... thanks for visiting and asking. The Tiffany can be blue (grey) but your handsome cat is a random bred cat or some people incorrectly call them "mixed breed" (I have used that term too).

The trouble is that even if she was a purebred and she doesn't look like a purebred, you have to have some evidence of pedigree (family history or lineage) to say that a cat is purebred. The documentation comes from cat registries (associations).

Without papers any cat has to be called random bred cat or I use a term that no one else uses, "a defacto purebred cat". These are cats that have distinct characteristics and which are not yet developed as purebred cats but which have a distinct genotype (genetic makeup). An example would be the Bahraini Dilmun.

This post: What Breed Is My Cat? says all you need to know, I think. This is another later post on what breed is my cat?

Please don't be upset. She is as good as a purebred and probably better. You helped her and made her contented. It doesn't get better.

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