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Could you please tell me what breed my cats are? — 45 Comments

    • She is a super looking cat. I have presumed she is female because to me she looks female. She’s a random bred cat in my view although she may have some Maine Coon genes in her.

    • Hi Melissa, sorry for not responding sooner. Your cat does have some of the characteristics of a Maine Coon but also looks like an attractive long-haired random bred cat. I’d say she is the latter because you’d have papers to prove she was pedigree is she was an MC. Thanks Melissa. Gorgeous looking cat.

    • Your kitten is a random bred black and white bicolor cat. Not a purebred, pedigree cat. But a very nice cat nonetheless. Thanks for asking.

    • He is polydactyl meaning he has more than the usual number of toes. He is not a breed of cat in my opinion but random bred with the Siamese gene and the white spotting gene which gives him the appearance of a Seychellois. You’d know if he was a Seychellois because they are very rare. There would be papers and documentary evidence to say he was purebred.


    • Hi Kyushu, thanks for sharing. He is not a member of a cat breed but a random bred grey tabby cat with a bit of white. He is charming and cuddly as you say. Love him and care for him all his days.

      • He is one of those brilliant looking cats of rare appearance. He has an amazing moustache, and an amazing ruff (the long fur below his neck). His tail is amazing. Altogether an amazing looking cat. However, he is probably a random bred cat and not purebred. He does not fit any profile for purebred cats that I know of. That does not make him any less of a cat. In fact it makes him better because it is likely he is healthier. The nearest breed would be Maine Coon but he is no a Maine Coon.

        A stunning cat and thanks for showing me.

    • This kitten is a black tortoiseshell. She may be tortie-and-white because there seems to be some white on her chin. She is random bred unless you have documents proving pedigree. Thanks for sharing Erick.

    • Hi, your cat is a beautiful random bred grey and white. Not a cat breed. Sorry. You’d know if she/he was a purebred because you’d have a pedigree and papers to prove it. Thanks for visiting and asking.

    • Hi Leia, she is a flame point cat. She has a doll-face Persian appearance. She could be a Himalayan flame point. But you’ll need documents (pedigree etc) to prove it. Great cat. And thanks for sharing.

      • Thanks a lot! This is his brother who has lighter coloring – his ears are pinkish and the tail looks cream colored. We were told they were turkish angora when we bought them haha

    • Hi Shannon, your cat is a gorgeous grey classic (blotched) random bred tabby cat. He is not a purebred cat but he is just as good if not better. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  1. Hi! I’d like to know the breed of my cat. He is black, very soft, curved, mainly straight tail, he was born with blue eyes, now he’s about 7 or 8 months and has dark eyes. He’s very playful, but a lot of the time, he is lazy. I’m thinking a Bombay?

    • Hi Tiffany. He does indeed look like a Bombay cat. The trouble is he could also be a very handsome jet black random bred cat by which I mean not a member of a cat breed. You’ll need a pedigree and registration from a breeder to be sure he is a purebred cat such as a Bombay. Gorgeous cat by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there my cat is abnormal huge for his age his 2 and a half and he’s massive could you tell if he’s mix breed of some sort

    • Hi, if he is massive he could still be a mixed breed (random bred) cat because some individual cats are like that – just like people. The only cat breed that is very large is an F1 (first generation) wild cat hybrid. But this is very unlikely.

    • Without a photo or description of his conformation and colouring, “huge” isn’t enough information. Randombred cats range from petite to huge and there are several medical conditions that can cause excessive growth.

    • Hi Sam. Lovely cats. They are not members of a cat breed, though. Sorry. They are random bred cats. They are still beautiful and equally good if not better than pedigree purebred cats. Thanks for visiting and asking.

    • One parent was an Exotic Shorthair or Persian by the look of the face shape – not as extreme as a purebred, but shows the influence of one of those short-faced breeds.

    • Hi Here is one of the pictures you refer to:

      My honest opinion is that your lovely looking white kitten is a fine looking random bred white cat. Therefore she is not a cat of a certain cat breed. Almost all the domestic cats in the world are random bred. Nearly all the people who care for a purebred cat (a cat of a certain cat breed) know that their cat is purebred. So if you are not sure it supports what I say that your cat is not purebred. Hope this helps. Don’t be disappointed. Your cat is gorgeous and random bred cats are often healthier.

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