Couldn’t Ask For A Better Cat!

by Indre
(Richmond, VA)

Oh WOW! for a while others tried to convince me that my gorgeous lovable cat, Lucifer, HAD to be a full breed. Because I had adopted him form a local pet store, I refused to believe it and figured I had simply gotten really lucky with a really good-looking cat.

One day I most randomly came across a spitting image of Lucifer and a description to match him perfectly. He has a long body with mid-length silky soft chocolaty black coat that is very low maintenance and very rarely sheds, brush/thick tail, and lion-like whiskers on the side of his face.

With an incredible appearance and personality, he is everyone’s most loved cat; including those who claim to dislike cats have admitted Lucifer is their favorite – no exaggeration here!

Not intimidated by any numbers of people, he is extremely sociable and often the center of the room and attention during parties. Lucifer is not shy at all and he definitely doesn’t prefer alone time, often lounging on a comfy seat near the door waiting for someone to come home so he could greet and canoodle them into the kitchen for a serving.

Regardless of how much Lucifer has eaten, he loves to get fed, I believe its an attention-getting thing, because he usually takes a couple bites and then continues to follow you around the house nibbling at your feet. He is also extremely playful, with people and other animals, and although he loves to box and grab with his paws, he never ever scratches breaking skin; same goes with his love-bites, he often bites while playing or for attention, but never ever hard enough to hurt anyone.

Lucifer is the perfect companion, very affectionate esp when he senses you’re sad, he sleeps with me at night and comes when called. He doesn’t like to go outside, although he is certainly curious about it, and everything else.

He is incredibly intelligent, has figured out how to get into anything that doesn’t lock, including beneath the lazy-boy seat under which his toys often roll. Needless to say, I wouldn’t change a thing about Lucifer, I love my Mr. Whiskers and couldn’t imagine life without him.


Couldn’t Ask For A Better Cat! to Tiffany cat

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