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Councilman allegedly targeted 3 cats when driving down suburban road — 1 Comment

  1. The video was not as bad as originally thought.

    There was a cat crossing the street, and a second cat on the sidewalk. The white truck did not swerve to hit the cat but placed the cat between the wheels, straddling the cat. After the truck went over, the cat ran back to the sidewalk and the second cat. They both ran away from the road out of view.

    The truck turned the corner and pulled into a driveway. Someone close to where the cats ran, possibly their owner, walked to the driveway where the truck parked. A few minutes later, the man walked back to where the cats disappeared.

    I don’t think there was a third cat because the man on foot did not stop in the road. I cannot be sure because there was a parked car blocking an area of the road.

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