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County Sheriff Protected The Cat Shooter — 6 Comments

      • I disagree. The vocal minority often outweighs the silent majority. It’s getting people to get off their dead butts and do something. I have their FB page bookmarked. I mean the guy wears a badge so I’m sure many are unsure of their own safety if they speak up publicly much like I’m sure the cat killers neighbors try not to get on his radar. They are a couple of shit-stains that need to be wiped out of public view.

        • This worries me: that ordinary cat owners keep quiet out of fear. It might be that.

          ” I mean the guy wears a badge so Iā€™m sure many are unsure of their own safety…”

          The cat owners are unprotected.

  1. I hate to say this, but “Sheriff” Giddings reminds me of Walter Palmer, the American dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. He has the same bloodthirsty look in his eyes. I wonder what he does in his spare time? šŸ˜±šŸ˜ 

    • Yes, it’s a attitude problem. He’ll never change. Arrogance and ignorance combined. Spare time? He’ll be shooting and killing something, anything as long as it is an animal.

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