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County Sheriff’s Office ‘advises’ resident to not shoot domestic cats — 2 Comments

  1. Montana is another one of those states that are morally and intellectually bankrupt when it comes to animals. That is where the infamous cat killing “veterinarian” Kristen Lindsey was born and raised too. (She shot Tiger, a neighborhood cat and patient of the vet hospital where she worked, in the head with an arrow on April 15, 2015 in Brenham, Texas and bragged about it here on facebook). If that is what they think is proper attitude and behavior of a veterinarian, imagine what horrors are allowed regular people. I advise everyone to just boycott Montana until they, for the most part, die out, dry up and blow away.

    • Thanks for reminding me of Kristen Lindsey. Yes she is entirely unsuited to being a vet. Animal welfare is about attitude isn’t it? And it is interesting that an entire state can have the wrong attitude.

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