Couple Adopt Dying 21-year-old Cat to Make his Final Days as Full as Possible

This is a two-way story (both cat and humans benefit) and it is a warm, generous story of love. Tigger has a bucket list of things to do before he dies. He was given the list by two loving owners who adopted him from a veterinary hospital where he was abandoned.

Tigger on the beach!
Tigger on the beach!
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The loving owners are Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend Michael who read about Tigger’s predicament on Facebook. I have to comment by asking who would abandon their cat at a veterinary hospital because he was old and ill? Is that actually possible? It seems to be mindless and heartless but perhaps we don’t have the full story. I can’t believe that we have the full facts.

No matter, Adriene and Michael decided to make his last days as good as possible. This is in the style some well-known terminally ill people who have maxed-out their lives by doing the things that they dreamt of doing when they were well. There’s a moral there.

When Tigger was abandoned his fur was matted, he had kidney failure (a common feline terminal disease – why?) and multiple cancer tumours. He was beyond surgery. He was on the way to life’s check out desk.

Adriene and Michael appear to have adopted Tigger with the objective of making the remainder of his life as full as possible. They created a bucket list for their beloved Tigger.

Adriene said:

“He’s a love bug. We crack up because his body is 21 but we swear his mind is 2…”

In a desire to fill Tigger’s remaining days with the best in excitement and fun they compiled the bucket list and documented it on Facebook. I think in this instance documenting it on FB is useful as it promotes better care of elderly and infirm cats.

Tigger is laid back and likes being outside exploring and meeting people it seems to me so he was taken to the beach (see photo) which he enjoyed. And he’s been on a road trip to Washington (did he enjoy that?). He has had a stroll in the neighbourhood (I presume on a leash) and his next adventure will be a blind date with a female. He’ll also be going on a boat ride with his own “floatation device”.

The tricky part of a bucket list for cats is making sure you know what he likes. Adriene knows he likes the outside:

“He’ll strut his stuff down the sidewalk and there’s people everywhere, dogs, so we definitely think he’s had exposure to the outside,” Buisch said. “We’ve walked around for nearly two hours because he was loving it so much. He’s been rambunctious lately, but on the upside, he loves mommy.”

Tigger has a following on Facebook. The cute part of this story is that two people are trying to maximise the life experiences of a very old, dying cat. There is still plenty of fun for both cat caretaker and old cat. The previous owners failed to realise this.

But there will come a time when the fun ends and the serious stuff begins: when to let him go over the rainbow bridge. That is a difficult decision and it is all about the cat. All human desires are secondary.

Tigger has given joy to his human companions and received it in return.

Source of story: Washington’s Top News.

12 thoughts on “Couple Adopt Dying 21-year-old Cat to Make his Final Days as Full as Possible”

  1. God bless this couple who gave this cat a loving life until he crosses over the rainbow bridge. Those that had him before were horrible people with no excuse for what they did to him. Animals have been given to us to love and protect and give back for what God has given to us. May this beautiful animal, with his hew parents, be a miracle and make his diagnosis wrong in the way that his new parents have increased his life with these new owners and happiness for all with their love between them, the cat and his owners. God Bless these beautiful people for what they have done and are doing.


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