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Couple argue over breakup then man stomps her cat to death

Note: For the record this is not a dry news report. It is news mixed with opinion.

The man who killed his girlfriend’s cat in an argument over their split up. Picture: Harris County District Attorney’s Office/Facebook.

This is a classic matrimonial dispute. And it is a classic case of the man abusing the woman’s cat to get at the woman. It happens so often. I feel so bad about the vulnerability of cats. It is a reminder of the often abusive nature of humans in relationship splits and the ease with which they harm animals as if it is less than harming the human animal.

Mr Javontae Thrasher’s girlfriend was leaving the relationship on 25th January 2019. She was leaving the apartment with her cat. Thrasher knocked her cat from her hands and kicked him/her like a football. He then killed the cat by stomping on her. He threw the body into a dumpster. It is so wrong. Sadly it does reflect the poor relationship with animals that many people have. You have to be callously disrespectful of animals to this.

He lost his cool. There is a redeeming aspect to this story. Thrasher pleaded guilty at trial, was convicted and sentenced to a healthy 6 years in jail. A decent prison sentence. It is nice to see a proper punishment as a deterrent.

Once again we also see the direct link between animal and human abuse as this nasty individual had been previously convicted of beating his 72-year-old great-grandmother in 2016.

Thrasher likes to attack sentient beings who can’t fight back. He’s a nasty, violent coward.

Report: from The Houston Chronicle.


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