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Couple buy house with cat in attic and face unruly mob of Facebook critics — 6 Comments

  1. The Szefels are guilty of animal abandonment.
    They shouldn’t have a leg to stand on in any court and should never get Violet back.

    • I sorta feel that way too. My pets would be the first thing moved not the last. However unless the new house owners want her Violet could end up in a shelter situation. Perhaps most annoying of all are the hoards of FB attack artists who jumped on this mess without taking the time to hear both sides of the situation. The only victim in this is Violet.

  2. I wiped the monster DVM responsible for killing Kitten all over the internet. Still do. But I had the facts before the first post.
    FB is one of the few formats where you can aggressively go after animal abusers and shut them down online and many times in real life. (taking a bow).
    The majority of animal abusers are never taken to task let alone prosecuted. I firmly believe in the court of public opinion for these people.
    Sometimes it even forces the authorities who should have been on the case in the first place to take action.

    As to Violet her owners have no credibility because they put their cat in the very situation they are now wailing about. There is no evidence that even the owners could have coaxed her out. A professional set up a situation where she could be apprehended and safely returned to her owners. Although I’m not sure that was a good idea either luckily common sense is not a requirement for either being a parent or a pet guardian.

    • Well you were ahead of me on this occasion. I don’t really have enough time to search FB intensively. If you find interesting stuff ME, please tell me in a comment. I need another pair of eyes.

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