Couple do DIY cat neuter and are charged

Pair charged with animal cruelty in DIY botched cat neuter
Photos: Brown County Jail
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Green Bay, Wis, USA: A woman who failed to complete veterinary school and her fiancé’s brother performed a DIY neuter operation (male cat desexing) on the man’s cat. It went wrong because an infection tool hold. The cat was taken to a qualified veterinarian who called the police last Wednesday. The vet did an emergency neuter.

The reason for the DIY neuter? To save money. Neutering operations are pretty cheap aren’t they? Bad decision because the consequences when it goes wrong are severe. Each one blames the other.

The pair, Richard Krystof, 24, and Samantha Bruce, 27, have been charged under animal welfare laws. It’ll be a lesser crime: a misdemeanour.

The authorities are deciding if the cat can be returned to the owner and is currently in veterinary care. It appears that they don’t want to return the cat and are in discussion with the humane society on terminating ownership.

They’ll have to be careful. A court order would deal with ownership and remove the cat from them to be rehomed. More to follow…..


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4 thoughts on “Couple do DIY cat neuter and are charged”

  1. Of course, the cat should not be returned!! DUH! And, the felony provision should be applied. Has anyone mentioned anesthesia!!?? WTH!

    1. Don’t forget pain relief. They already mentioned antiseptics, although too little too late.

      Poor kitty.

  2. Frances A Danna

    How ignorant can people be? It sounds like a do-it-yourself science experiment.? Thankful that this poor cat will be okay. I hope the humane society places this kitty in a pawsome forever home. There is no way this cat belongs with that man. ?

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