Couple move in together. See what happened to their cats on day 2.

This boyfriend and girlfriend moved in together and they feared that their cats wouldn’t get along! I can understand that. I’d bet that there was quite a lot of talk about it.

We hear reports of slightly or greatly dysfunctional multi-cat households where the owner adopted another cat and the cat harmony went out of the window. Dr Bradshaw in Cat Sense discusses the problem at length. And he is right of course.

Couple move in together and their cats get along great
Couple move in together and their cats get along great
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Well, it isn’t always like that. Some cats are just made for each other and perhaps some cats are just lonely for a cat companion rather than a human companion.

I wonder if this is an issue which is overlooked by us humans. Uhmm…perhaps we should think about that. Jackson Galaxy advises adopting two cats from a shelter if at all possible. You know when two cats in a home get along like this it takes a hell of a lot of pressure off their human guardian in terms of entertaining them and ensuring that they are content.

Here is the first comment from (the source of this photograph):

“I’m jealous of all these “they’ve been together for 0.5 seconds and they’re already cuddling in an adorable way” posts. We have 3 cats, all perfectly friendly in their own right, and all it gets us is chaos. The closest we get is the three of them sitting a few feet from each other.”

A great comment which I am sure reflects the feelings of lots of cat guardians.

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