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  1. your links have nothing to do with our topic: “https://pictures-of-cats.org/domestic-cats-not-on-the-list-of-deadliest-killers.html” is about what wild animals kill humans the most humans. its irrelevant, what does that have do do with native wildlife?

    and your other link “https://pictures-of-cats.org/Ranking-the-Cat-as-a-Bird-Killer.html” puts them second as the killer of birds. and you state it is a natural process? how is it a natural process if the cats have been introduced? and what about all the other animals they kill, the native animals, is that just another another natural process?

  2. just saw your reply by the way it is bs. yes i do hate the domestic cats however i am not biased.

    really, not all cats hunt? cats are known for their hunting ability, there agility, and their ruthless nature.

    the owner of this cat didnt think his pet killed native animals to.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhNPRAAAbSc

    your proposal that: “It is not inevitable that cats kill native species.” is ridiculous if the cat isnt housebound or in a cat run do you think if a native bird landed infront of them they wouldnt pounce on them or atleast try?? hence think why they are classified as opportunistic??

    you stated: “many cats who go outside and are allowed to hunt prey do so at a very small scale”
    you just contradicted yourself, and why are they allowed to hunt outside of anyway? dogs arnt allowed to go outside and kill natives and when they do they get punished? where’s they justice for cats.

    lastly out of all domesticated animals the domesticated cat is the biggest killer of native animals and have contributed to the extinction of many native animals and directly caused the extinction of many natives.

    get informed before you post on something you know little of:



    • Sorry Joe but you are very biased and it shows. You pick up some newspaper articles written by reporters who know nothing about domestic cat hunting and they get their information from other websites and their reporters know nothing about domestic cat hunting and those reporters do the same thing and so on and they distort the facts and at the end of the chain there is a study about domestic cat hunting which itself is distorted because it extrapolates information from a very small study in a small area and you can’t do that. So don’t believe what you read in the newspapers online. I’m very surprised that you do actually believe them.

      In addition, there are a lot of biased scientists who distort the results of their studies. An example is scientists who are also ornithologists. There are many other examples.

      By the way, please do not be rude to me (you used “bs”). If you’re rude to me I will ban you and not correspond with you in comments.

      My cat, whose name is Charlie, has never hunted while I have cared for him (3 years). My previous cat who I cared for, for about 18 years hunted one prey item: a mouse, during her entire life with me.

      There are tens of millions of domestic cats in America who live their entire lives inside the family home and therefore they cannot pray on any animals whatsoever.

      Even when cats are allowed outside and they do prey on animals, those animals might not be native species.

      Yes, the domestic cat is a predator and very agile etc. But many domestic cats are highly domesticated and lazy etc. The domestic cat is becoming more and more domesticated and less and less able or inclined to prey on any animals.

      I do not contradict myself to Joe. never. And just stated that if the cat is allowed to go outside he is therefore allowed to hunt. That is not contradicting myself.

      Of all the domesticated animals the biggest killer of native animals is not the domestic cat but the human animal: homo sapiens – people like you, Joe – and you should know that because that is very well documented in very many scientific studies. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror before you use biased reporting to support your false arguments about the domestic cat.

      Read this:


      and this:


      • Sorry Michael Broad but you are very ignorant and it shows. ……remainder delated (Michael):

        From Michael: I told you to not insult me and you have so it over and out for you. I warned you. I gave you an opportunity to state your case politely based upon sound research and sound thinking but you fail to do that but above all else you continue to insult me and therefore you cannot expect me to publish your comment.

        Your stupidity is transparent because you ask me to publish your comment but within the comment are insults about me! How do you expect me to accept that comment? You’ve done this before and you have failed to learn by your mistakes and you have failed to put away your bias. You are an incorrigible obsessive.

        You are banned. Go way. Pester someone else. Bore somebody else with your biased comments.

  3. it is inevitable that cats kill native animals unless a cat is caged permanently. anyone who thinks or sais otherwise is wrong. cats are one of the worst feral animals introduced!!! why you want one. they kill for fun.

    “cats have NO rights they are vermin
    by: cat / hunter
    A dog is not alowed to wander were it likes, with out its owner with it. The owner is given a fixed penalty so why hould, a cat be any differant were is animal rights now, on this issue when a cat is not under the local council by laws and a dog is were is the dogs rights.I belive a dog has the right to attack any cat that comes on to its property were it lives and is expected to protact by its owner but the law says a dog is not alowed to atack a cat lets do the world a favour and do away with all cats after all there dirt dos carry worms that are very dangerous to humans now who has rights.”

    • Joe, you sound as if you hate the domestic cat. You write as if you are biased against the domestic cat. It is not inevitable that cats kill native species. A lot of cats don’t hunt prey. And even many cats who go outside and are allowed to hunt prey do so at a very small scale. In addition, wild animals are killed by many other predators in possibly greater numbers. In addition, the human does more damage to wild life than any other lifeform on the planet. So once again, your bias and your lack of deep thought about these issues shows up. I don’t know whether you are Woody (a well known cat hater and troll) but I don’t really care; you are essentially incorrect and a cat hater.

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