Cow behaves like a cat

I can’t believe this photo because it just does not happen and you can see that the car’s front suspension has not been compressed. The car is level, which would be impossible with a half ton cow on it!

Cows keep warm by resting on the car hood while cats go inside the engine compartment
Cows keep warm by resting on the car hood while cats go inside the engine compartment
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This has got to be a nice bit of digital image manipulation. It did make me think of cats going under the hood and cows on top. The latter is fun the former can have serious consequences (Sealy comes to mind, the well known cat who lost an ear while warming up in an engine compartment).

There is a cat connection to this picture! The idea for the image probably came from cats sitting on car hoods (bonnets in England).

I visited FB for once! Found the image there. I am sure the whole world has already seen it except me!

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7 thoughts on “Cow behaves like a cat”

  1. Funny pic, someone has been busy and done a good job there. Bad enough cats “scratching the (precious) paintwork” on cars, can you imagine the outcry if domestic cows were let out to sit on warm car bonnets?

    • I hear people talk about cats scratching their cars.
      It’s so hard for me to believe because I have never had a cat scratch any car of mine.
      Looking out the window now, I see every inch of the front hood covered in paw prints but no scratches. I really don’t think many cats prefer slick metal surfaces for scratching.

      • I don’t think it’s deliberate scratching that people talk about though Dee, I think it’s accidental, like when they jump up onto the bonnet to settle down when it’s warm after a long journey (miserable so and so’s) I love to see our car with all little paw marks on it, sometimes they’re on the windscreen as though “someone” has even been on the roof.

  2. Cute but not likely.
    True that cars and cats don’t mix.
    I have a ritual each time I need to go out.
    I bang on the hood, reach in and honk the horn, and look under the car (flashlight if it’s dark).
    I hate making such noises, but I would hate much more what could happen if I didn’t.

  3. I shared this on my FB page and only my Wisconsin friends liked it or commented on it. A little cow humor. We have lots of cows in the Dairy State. The image was accompanied by the warning you usually see about cats– to tap on your hood before starting the car so the cat can get out of the engine compartment. “Tap on your hood before driving off to give the cow time to get away.” I thought it was hilarious!

  4. Yes – this is photoshopped but it’s a fun pic. If only people would be careful no cats are inside their engines before starting the motor.


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