Cows love ginger cat and lick him extravagantly

We don’t know the reason why these cows love this cat but love him they do. A hell of a lot. He is probably a barn cat who has made friends with the cows. That happens horses and cats being mutually affectionate. The licking is fiercely affectionate. One of the cows is almost nibbling him as well. He loves it. What does it tell me? Cows are not walking slabs of ‘meat’. They are living, breathing sentient beings with feelings. That has to be what you take from this. Is it fair to say that the majority of people don’t regard cows as feeling beings? We know cats have emotions so there is no reason why cows can’t have them too. And they do.

Cows love cat
Cows love cat
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And from that simple thought we can argue about a ton of subjects. What about how cows are slaughtered? In the UK they allow cows to be slaughtered by cutting their throats when their ‘meat’ is prepared for the halal market. This is controversial because the regulations are very tight normally. They have to be stunned first and halal cattle is not stunned first as it is against their rules. Halal food must adhere to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. Do cows experience fear when killed the halal way but not the conventional way? I don’t know but a lot of veterinarians believe that it is inhumane and they have petitioned the UK government without success.

What about cows trampling people to death when they walk over their field? These cases are possible due to mothers protecting their calves. That’s another high level emotion which humans need to recognise and respect.

What about the need nowadays to seriously consider ending meat production? Humans don’t need to eat meat. ‘Meat’ is a euphemism for ‘flesh’. Why do humans like to cover up the slaughter of livestock with made up words like ‘meat’. Because we don’t like to think of cows being slaughtered. When you look at animals hung up on hooks in a butcher’s shop what do you see? Tasty meat or the bloody carcasses of slaughtered, domesticated farm animals?

I see the latter. It is like flicking a switch. You see the light. You see what it truly is. Also cows produce millions of tons of methane when they pass wind. Methane is a global warming gas more potent than carbon dioxide. Cows contribute to climate change and all the disasterous consequences that it brings to life on earth. This is what the video made me think about.

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