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Coyote crawled under fence of my yard and took my cats — 4 Comments

  1. Yes – it doesn’t seem possible that one coyote could come and take two Maine Coons and run off with them without there being obvious evidence of a serious struggle.

    This must be the hardest thing you have had to go through – I have a feeling that they might well still be around, hiding, nearby. I don’t know how long ago it was til you last saw them.

  2. Dixie my heart goes out to you, how awful that coyotes come into your yard! I hope and pray that your neighbours are right and Boots and Sweetie Pie come home safely. It’s correct that cats hide away after a fright and yours may not be far from home, sometimes they ‘hole up’ for days, so don’t give up hope.
    You would think there would be some evidence if a coyote had got them, surely more than one coyote wouldn’t come at the very same time and one couldn’t get two cats at once!
    Please let us know any news and don’t feel guilty about letting your cats outside, cats love a bit of freedom.

  3. Hi Dixie. I can feel your pain and I am very sorry to have heard about the loss (hopefully temporarily) of your loved cats.

    I thought that your story was very powerful and decided to make your comment into a short post. This allows other people to make more comments and perhaps help you a bit.

    I advocate indoor/outdoor cat living provided it is safe to do so. This is because it is a better life for the cat. I am sure you felt the same.

    I am a believer in outdoor cat enclosures where it is not safe to let a cat roam.

    It appears that coyotes are becoming increasingly more confident and aggressive in the US. Attacking pets in daytime is an example. Apparently coyotes can attack dogs on leashes! I never imagined that.

    There are coyote proof enclosures and a 7 foot post with a platform on top in the yard as an escape route for a cat is a good idea. I’ll write more about this over the forthcoming days.

    None of this helps you now Dixie. I hope things work out for you. Such a tragedy for you and your cats. Take care and good luck.

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