Coyote rips the ear off a cat statue in central North Carolina

A Wake Forest family erected a statue of a domestic cat outside their garage under the surveillance of a video camera to check whether a coyote had killed and taken away their two cat companions.

Coyote attacks cat statue in N. Carolina

Coyote attacks cat statue in N. Carolina. This is a screenshot from a security camera. The fake cat was placed there to test if a family had lost their two cats to a coyote attack days earlier. It seems that they had as the video provides good evidence.

The picture above is taken from the security camera. And it clearly shows that a coyote had attacked the statue. The family took this as evidence that perhaps the same coyote had killed their two cats, ‘Silly and ‘Sugar’.

Both the cats regularly went outside and stayed near their home off Rogers Road, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA which is not far from Durham and which I have described as central North Carolina.

The incident was reported on the ABC website on July 22. It’s another warning about letting cats roam outside in the US and I’m sure this family’s neighbours, if they have read this report, will take the appropriate steps to protect their cats.

It is a very different process looking after domestic cats in the US than for most European countries for the major reason that there are predators in the US which regard stray and domestic cats as prey to feed on. It is a constant hazard which is why a sizeable percentage of American citizens keep their cats inside all the time while some have outside enclosures or catios as well.

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